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Tue, February 23 2016

Two more great ways to experience Tensile Architecture have just been added! Follow ...

Catenary Lighting at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre

Wed, November 18 2015

Lakeside Joondalup is the largest shopping centre in Western Australia and is located ...

Boston Convention Center Catenary Lighting

Thu, October 22 2015

The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is expanding, and with that, the area ...

Bourke Street Mall Catenary Lighting

Tue, October 20 2015

Bourke Street Mall is the retail heart of Melbourne, housing the city’s main ...

“Downpour” – Catenary Sculptural Light Installation

Wed, September 16 2015

NDYLIGHT was appointed as the lead designer / artist for the sculptural light ...

Beresford Square Catenary Lighting

Mon, September 7 2015

Designed by Gustafson Porter and envisaged as part of the wider Woolwich masterplan, ...

Lonsdale Gateway Catenary Lighting

Mon, September 7 2015

“Lonsdale Gateway”, the catenary lighting structure at the intersection of Lonsdale and Russell ...

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