Pedestrian Bridge: Cedar Rapids Convention Center

The pedestrian bridge at the Cedar Rapids Convention Center is the perfect solution for managing foot traffic flowing to and from the parking structure across the street.

The City of Cedar Rapids recognized the importance of providing a safe and accessible path for pedestrians, moving through high traffic areas in the city. A safe route needed to be created to link the Cedar Rapids Convention Center and Double Tree Hotel to the parking structure across the street. Referred to as the “Skywalk”, a smartly designed pedestrian bridge over the busy street proved to be the best solution for traffic management, and replaced a parking layout which was destroyed in a flood in 2008.

Lead architect Gary Landhauser from Novak Design Group said part of the challenge here, was to design a utilitarian structure that looked like it fit into the downtown historical fabric of the city. The look of the garage was achieved by using decorative metal panels to frame the exterior, which also served to shield the view of the parked cars from the street. On the Skywalk, the galvanized steel rods, not only served to support the structure, but aesthetically also fit perfectly with the design goals of the garage itself. The Skywalk utilizes our ARS4 system and consists of (16) x 2” diameter rods with forks and (8) x 2-1/2” diameter.

Another connecting skywalk is slated for a future phase of this development.

Top 2 photos: AJ Brown Imaging

Other photos provided by Gary Landhauser: Novak Design Group

Architect: Novak Design Group

Product:  ARS4-C2

General Constructor/Bulder: TSF Structures

Client/Owner: City of Cedar Rapids

Completion Date: 2013

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