Tensioned Fabric Pavilions at Seaman Corporation Campus

The Tensioned Fabric Pavilions at the Seaman Corporation Campus in Wooster, Ohio, are an excellent example of an artistic and functional design made possible by structural cables.

Seaman Corporation is known for their role as a world leader in providing innovative solutions for tomorrow’s high performance industrial fabric needs. Given this, it is fitting that their Wooster, Ohio headquarters main entrance is marked by an installation of striking fabric pavilion structures, which incorporate their own fabric material. The pavilions provide an inspiring outdoor space for team gatherings and outdoor shaded spaces, while making an artistic statement about the nature of their business.

The pavilions required over 30 galvanized and stainless steel cable assemblies. They ranged in diameters from ¼” to 1” in various configurations, tensioned with Ronstan turnbuckles, some of which were anchored with a swaged threaded stud fitted with nuts and washers.

Also part of the installation is a visually pleasing water feature which incorporates 1/8” diameter stainless steel wire rope with Ronstan’s classic Cable Rail end fittings. Water continuously flows down along the cables in to a pool below and is recycled back up to the top of the water fall.

Photos provided by Seaman Corporation.

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Product:  ACS2-GS

Enginneer: FTL Studios

Installation: Fabric Installation – IFS Services; Steel– Bogner Construction

Client/Owner: Seaman Corporation

Location: Wooster OH, USA

Completion Date: 2015

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