Sculpture at Avalon Prudential

Ronstan Tensile Architecture supplied the stainless steel rods used to fabricate a garden sculpture at the entrance to the condos at the Avalon Prudential in Boston MA. The sculpture marks the private space at ground level on the property but also reaches up into the public spaces to bring the two realms together.

The rods are arranged in a curved pattern that creates a striking visual statement with the lighting features. The rods shoot up like a city landscape; the horizontal elements break up the space. Ronstan products were selected because of their aesthetics and high-quality materials. The stainless steel rods are intermixed with similar looking acrylic lighting rods. Both elements are anchored to the base with a fork end. Lighting projects up from the base and gets reflected on the stainless steel rods. For more information on this project or similar ones, contact us.

Photos: Matt Berrelli/Ronstan

Product:  ARS2-SS

General Constructor/Bulder: Patriot Restoration

Installation: MIW Corporation

Client/Owner: Avalon at Prudential

Location: Boston, MA

Completion Date: 2015

© 2015 Ronstan Tensile Architecture

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