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Vertical Greening Trellises – Brisbane Supreme Courts

Fri, November 23 2012

This is an example of a wonderfully unique application of ‘vertical greening’. Perched ...

X-Tend Mesh Radar – Car Park Screen

Thu, October 18 2012

WOW, this is a phenomenal new use/application of X-Tend Mesh (a stainless steel ...

Living Wall Cable Trellis – Government Services Building, Dandenong

Wed, October 17 2012

Here is an interesting internal use of Ronstan cables in an internal greening ...

Dilworth Bridge – Stainless Steel Mesh Throw Barrier

Mon, October 15 2012

Here’s a couple of great photo’s of the final lift of a new ...

Horizontal Greening Projects Using Green Trellis Applications

Thu, October 11 2012

Please find attached a few images of some other horizontal greening projects that ...

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