Ronstan Announces Sponsorship of LSAA Conference

Ronstan recently announced it would be a Silver Sponsor for the Lightweight Structures Association of Australia (LSAA) Design Beyond Boundaries Conference and design awards. This event is one of the leading design conferences in architecture in Australia; it will take place September 1-2, 2016 in Victoria, Australia.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture is proud to take a leadership role in the lightweight tensile architecture industry. Ronstan Tensile Architecture general manager Rowan Murray says, “Our whole team is very passionate about what we do with tensile architecture. This is why we take a leadership role in our industry not only sponsoring great events like this conference but also investing our time and giving back to the industry.”

 The LSAA was founded as the Membrane Structures Association of Australasia (MSAA) in 1981.  Since entering the industry in 1988 Ronstan has consistently maintained a high profile in LSAA, working hard to help LSAA deliver opportunities for its members to improve their knowledge and understanding of the market that sustains them. In addition, we have helped LSAA to deliver on its aim to promote and educate the architectural and engineering community in tensile architecture.

Design Beyond Boundaries conference remembers the work and influence of Frei Otto, who redefined the juncture of architecture and engineering using forms and materials that were generally beyond the previous experience of both engineers and architects of the day. The conference explores current approaches and tools used in the design of the minimalistic forms found in tensioned lightweight structures (for example fabric membranes, cable nets and timber grid shells) and examines how they have evolved from experimental physical models to computer generated 3D virtual structures. It questions whether design tools have progressed significantly, and investigates the roles both physical and 3D virtual modelling will play in solving complex design challenges into the future.

Register for the conference here. For more on the LSAA, visit their website here.


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