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Many of the most beautiful and memorable examples of tensile architecture have been built with help from Ronstan Tensile Architecture. With an intimate knowledge of the design, engineering and execution of tensile structures, Ronstan plays an integral part throughout the entire design and building process to create a variety of aesthetically unique applications.

No matter what your tensile architectural vision, application, or location, the critical path to completion is made straighter and smoother by partnering with Ronstan Tensile Architecture from the outset.

Southbank Arbour – Greening System

Brisbane, QLD

Application: Landscape Greening

Latronics Industries – the ‘Egg Arbour’ Greening Project

Caloundra, QLD, Australia

Application: Landscape Greening

Dandenong Government Services Offices Greening System

Dandenong, Victoria, Australia

Application: Landscape Greening

Vertical Trellis Garden – Brisbane Supreme Court

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Application: Landscape Greening

Pitt Street Mall Catenary Lighting

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Application: Catenary Lighting

Watergardens Town Centre – Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Taylors Lakes, Vic. Australia

Application: Catenary Lighting

Bellevue Pedestrian Cable Stayed Bridge

Seattle, WA

Application: Bridges

Adelaide’s Festival Cable Suspension Bridge

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Application: Bridges

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