Signage & Decoration- Ronstan Tensile Architecture

Ronstan lends its tensile cables and architectural rigging knowledge to create lightweight signage and decorative structures. In the fields of interior design, retail display and visual communication, Ronstan Tensile Architecture systems fill the need for a transparent, versatile solution.

High quality, functional components like stainless steel tensile cables allow dramatic minimalist solutions without sacrificing integrity for lightweight structures.

Sculpture at Avalon Prudential

Boston, MA

Application: Signage Decoration

Burns Bridge Sail Sculptures, Worcester, MA

Worcester, MA. USA

Application: Signage Decoration

Vertical Garden – Hanging Gardens at the Perez Art Museum Miami

Miami, FL

Application: Landscape Greening, Signage Decoration

Saville Hotel and Apartments – Suspended Art Projects Foyer Feature

Queensland, Australia

Application: Signage Decoration

Canberra Centre – Suspended Lighting Sculpture

Canberra, Australia

Application: Signage Decoration

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