Zoological Enclosures- Ronstan Tensile Architecture

Zoo designers strive to create artificial ecosystems with net structures carefully designed and embedded in the surrounding environment.

Ronstan tensile cable enclosures for zoos utilize Carl Stahl X-TEND stainless steel mesh fabric as the ultimate transparent net structure. The mesh becomes part of the primary load carrying structure, sharing the load and enabling the optimization of other primary structural components. Our tensioned mesh zoological enclosures allow an open view without any interfering substructure.

Taronga “Lemur Forest Adventure” Zoo Enclosure

Sydney, Australia

Application: Security Fall Protection, Zoological Enclosures

Burger Zoo – Leopard & Jackal Mesh Fence Enclosure

Burger Zoo, Germany

Application: Zoological Enclosures

Halle Zoo – Wire Mesh Marmoset Monkey Enclosure

Halle Zoo, Germany

Application: Zoological Enclosures

Taronga Zoo – Award Winning Wire Mesh Chimpanzee Enclosure

Sydney, Australia

Application: Zoological Enclosures

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