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My name is Richard McLeod and I am a Tensile Architecture Specialist in New Zealand for Australian based Tensile Architecture company Ronstan Tensile Architecture. The possibilities and advantages of Tensile Architecture are not very well known and I would very much like to present to you how cables, rods, meshes and other elements can be used in tension to impact on your existing and future projects. I will be in NZ during the following times:

  • October 2014 – Wellington, Palmerston North, New Plymouth
  • November 2014 – Auckland

If you would like me to make a presentation at your offices, please email me to discuss your project on [email protected], or call my office number in Australia +61(0)3 8586 2056.

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I joined Ronstan International in August 1999 after 27 years being a customer. My knowledge of Ronstan parts being extensive and my grasp of the rigging product range in particular have matured to include the entire Structural Rods range.

Within the Architectural products range, I have specialised in the Agency products distributed by Ronstan, X-tend mesh being a particular product for which I am the “go-to” man, having participated in installation projects in every State of Australia and New Zealand; projects include Sydney Airport Car park Facades, Multi-storey Balustrades at Towers 1 & 8 in Adelaide, Ipswich Courthouse Green-wall (QLD), Child Care Centres in Hobart and Brisbane, Bridge arch infills in Auckland, Prince Alfred Park Pool Fence in Sydney, Federation Square Catenary lighting cables, Hepburn Springs Bath-house rods and balustrade infills. For other inspiring projects, see the Ronstan Tensile Architecture Project Gallery.

My grasp of mesh characteristics and how it relates to cables and/or surrounding structures help bring projects to fruition and is essential to ensure economical viability. I have specialised in the Ronstan Structural Rods (Structural Rod Catalogue – pdf, 6.6MB), Cable Ranges (Structural Cable Catalogue – pdf, 1.6MB) and Cable Trellis Systems (Cable Trellis Systems Catalogue – pdf, 43MB), as well as Carl Stahl X-tend Mesh (X-tend Mesh Catalogue – pdf, 7MB) and ISYS cable systems (I-SYS Cable Systems Catalogue – pdf, 4MB). You will find more Ronstan Tensile Architecture brochures and catalogues on our d0wnload page.

Over my years at Ronstan, I have participated in many Trade Exhibitions on behalf of Ronstan throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai. My contacts throughout these regions are extensive and I am constantly contacted by established and potential clients from these regions for advice and product supply.

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Richard McLeod

About Ronstan Tensile Architecture

Ronstan Tensile Architecture possesses a technical understanding of individual tensile components that is unrivaled. This expertise is the direct result of decades of experience in manufacturing tensile rods and cables and contracting for a variety of tensile structures.

Today, Ronstan Tensile Architecture provides the Architectural & Engineering community with end-to-end specialty contracting services for small to midsize tensile structures. These services include concept development, design assistance, cable and fitting selection, structural analysis and installation. Working with a building project’s team throughout the design and building process, Ronstan delivers the highest quality result.

Ronstan was incorporated in the early 1950s in a small factory in Melbourne, Australia, manufacturing rigging hardware for the marine industry.

In more recent years, the emerging style of Tensile Architecture has adopted Ronstan structural rods, cables, fasteners, terminals and fittings to hold materials like fabric membrane, glass, metal and wood in place under tension. Ronstan has worked closely with the A/E community, expanding the influence of Tensile Architecture and accumulating a wealth of knowledge in the design, engineering and execution of the tensile structures in which its hardware & systems plays such a critical role.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture remains committed to its end-to-end design, contracting and manufacturing services for tensile structures, delivering the utmost in quality, safety and efficiency. The clever application of creative thinking paired with practical and workable design-build solutions continues to set Ronstan Tensile Architecture apart.

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