Wood Facade Louver System at Sage Woodfire Tavern

Unique facade cladding materials (and systems) give designers the opportunity to achieve new and exciting aesthetics, whilst meeting the functional requirements of sun shading and privacy. The wood louver façade system at Sage Woodfire Tavern in Buckhead, Georgia, is a shining example of precise engineering and unique façade materials coming together in a perfect balance to achieve both form and function.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture was involved from the early stages of design development to provide input on the overall concept, and on the details, to help specify a system which met the design intent and could be readily installed by the construction team.

With the concept clearly defined, Ronstan, in conjunction with FTL design, used computer modeling to accurately determine the loads on the façade system, and the loads that it would apply to the building. This information was then used by the building structural engineer to design support steelwork and connections.

The wood facade louver system at Sage Tavern is comprised of our ACS2 cable system, (ACS2-SS-10) using 5/16” grade 316 wire and grade 316 stainless steel fittings. Timber paneling is held in place by grade 316 stainless steel shelf clamps. To ensure the performance of the clamps under all wind conditions, Ronstan undertook testing of the clamps to verify the manufacturer specifications.

The hardwood timber panels are made from IPE, which is naturally resistant to rot and decay and has a beautiful look when paired with the stainless-steel cables.

The installation was completed by BB Construction Enterprises Inc. Ronstan provide an installation supervisor to ensure that the system was installed in accordance with the original design.

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Photos provided by James Liakakos/ Sage Woodfire Tavern and Matt Berrelli.

Architect: R Design Works

Product:  ACS2-SS-M

Enginneer: FTL Design Studio

Installation: BB Construction Enterprises Inc

Client/Owner: Sage Woodfire Tavern

Location: Buckhead, Georgia, USA

Completion Date: 2018

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