Stainless Steel Cable Green Arbour at Lake Vista

Even the simplest of projects can achieve spectacular results when creativity and good design are combined. The designers included an interesting twist in the design of Lake Vista with the inclusion of a striking green arbour at Lakes Vista. The strong architectural presence of the slanted columns and roof is softened by a light screen of creepers and balanced on the other side by a series of impressive “pillars” of green. The plant pillars are actually tensioned members made up of Ronstan stainless steel cables. Stainless steel cables were also used to form the base net structure of the creeper screens.

Architect: WILLIAMSON ARCHITECTS, Landscape Architect: Dunn Moran Landscape Architects

General Constructor/Bulder: Black Water Projects

Client/Owner: Modern Investment Pty Ltd

Location: Brisbane, Australia

© 2015 Ronstan Tensile Architecture

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