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Ronstan Tensile Architecture draws on an unparalleled understanding of every phase and consideration involved in tensile design and construction, delivering a full range of design, engineering and installation capabilities.

As a leading end-to-end specialty contractor, Ronstan brings continuity, efficiency, quality control and cost effectiveness to projects while providing a tailored solution for each installation.

Ronstan has a proven ability to provide service without borders. Ronstan tailors tensile and tensegrity solutions to meet the needs of any lightweight structure and maintains the unique capability to provide comprehensive services for small to midsize projects. This is done by incorporating key principles like concept development, design assistance, cable and fitting selection, structural analysis and installation.

Ronstan’s design engineers customize solutions for each tensile architecture application, while its project management team ensures the proper coordination of tensile requirements for lightweight structures. Working with a building project’s team from concept to completion, Ronstan develops and implements a practical, workable and creative solution to deliver the highest quality tensile architecture installation.

Additionally, because Ronstan initially made its name in the industry as a manufacturer of architectural rigging, the company boasts invaluable expertise related to the performance characteristics of tensile architecture materials including:

  • Corrosion Protection
  • Cable Construction
  • End Connections
  • Clamps, Anchors and Assorted Fittings
  • Factors affecting Cable Length
  • Cable Creep
  • Elongation Due to Clamping
  • Temperature
  • Elastic Elongation

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