Tensile Structures Have Unique Signature AestheticsRonstan’s end-to-end tensile architecture contracting services, established first in Australia, are changing the face of architecture on a global scale. Throughout Australia and Asia are dozens of stunning, well-known tensile and tensegrity structures with unique signature aesthetics. The vision results from unparalleled design flexibility and cost efficiencies, which are more energy efficient and more sustainable. Tensile architecture offers a variety of benefits, including functional, sustainable and aesthetic enhancements:

  • Hanging lighting schemes, vertical gardens and decorative signage are some of the many functions that tensile structures can serve. Depending on the application type, tensile structures can provide fall protection and exterior shading as well as secure enclosures.
  • To address sustainability issues, Ronstan designs tensile structures that increase green space while reducing the urban heat island effect. Additionally, tensile architecture incorporates lightweight components that can lessen foundation requirements, reduce energy use during installation and require minimal long-term maintenance. By incorporating vegetation, fabric mesh, floating panels or other materials, these structures can also offer a shading system with aesthetic appeal.
  • For more efficient and minimalist structures, heavy steel members can be replaced with highly aesthetic Ronstan prestressed tensile cables and bars to deliver essential support, to brace elements, and to truss long distances. Tensile cables manufactured from stainless steel are readily recyclable and durable, contributing to the overall sustainability of a project.

Since tensile architecture installations can be highly technical, involving numerous system components, Ronstan lends its expertise to help designers achieve the desired structural performance, durability, recyclability and longevity. By partnering with Ronstan Tensile Architecture, the details of the specification process are simplified, giving the designer the freedom to focus on the creative vision for the tensile application.

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