Vertical Garden – Hanging Gardens at the Perez Art Museum Miami

The hanging gardens at The Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) are a perfect example of a massive Greening system being incorporated into a stunning art exhibit.  Ronstan worked with JTI Companies and ARUP engineering to provide the support rods that are integral to this unique vertical garden located on Biscayne Bay in Miami, FL.

The Hanging Gardens were designed by world renowned Artist Patrick Blanc – the creator of the “Living Wall” and famous for his vertical gardens.

The gardens are a series of 7 separate Chambers of Vertically supported 18” Diameter, Fiberglass Tube that are up top 45’ long.  The tube structures serve as the growing surface for tropical plants mimicking the Famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  The general public can freely walk through the chambers experiencing the Living Sculpture that is a vivid part of the new Perez Art Museum of Miami.  The Museum itself has been designed by the Swiss Architectural firm Herzog and de Meuron.

Ronstan provided technical support and the structural tension rods and compression struts.  In total just under 200 galvanized rods and struts up to 3.5” in diameter were used to support the more than 67 greening tubes that have been designed to withstand up to 135mph winds.

The Hanging Gardens at PAMM are yet another example of how Ronstan can help solve the most intriguing  tensile architectural applications.

Photo credits: Iwan Baan
and Jason Brough, JTI


Architect: Garden: Patrick Blanc / Museum: Herzog and de Meuron

Enginneer: ARUP engineering

Client/Owner: PAMM

Location: Miami, FL

Completion Date: 2014

© 2015 Ronstan Tensile Architecture

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