Wynn Palace Dragon Towers

Ronstan custom structural rods have solved the age-old mystery of how to support your gold dragons at the Wynn Palace, Cotai in China. The 35-ton dragons function as deflection towers for the “sky-cab” gondola cars which rise over the lake at the Wynn Palace. The dragons, built by Show Canada in their Montreal workshop, are clad in 24 karat gold leaf, stand as a symbol of good luck. Ronstan Tensile Architecture supplied full custom M56 structural rods, turnbuckles and clevis pins which have been specially designed to hold load cells. These elements help support the dragons and brace it against the loads generated by the gondola cables. The design also called for faux rods in certain places to preserve the aesthetics.

Photos were supplied by McLeren Engineering Group

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Enginneer: McLaren Engineering Group

General Constructor/Bulder: Show Canada

Location: Macau, China

Completion Date: 2016

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