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Many of the most beautiful and memorable examples of tensile architecture have been built with help from Ronstan Tensile Architecture. With an intimate knowledge of the design, engineering and execution of tensile structures, Ronstan plays an integral part throughout the entire design and building process to create a variety of aesthetically unique applications.

No matter what your tensile architectural vision, application, or location, the critical path to completion is made straighter and smoother by partnering with Ronstan Tensile Architecture from the outset.

Taronga Zoo – Award Winning Wire Mesh Chimpanzee Enclosure

Sydney, Australia

Application: Zoological Enclosures

Long Beach Transit Center – Artistic Tension Fabric Membrane Structure

Long Beach, CA

Application: Tensioned Fabric Architecture

Grand Arena Tensile Fabric Structure – Melbourne Showgrounds


Application: Tensioned Fabric Architecture

Abu Dhabi Corniche Foreshore Redevelopment – Fabric Structures

United Arab Emirates

Application: Tensioned Fabric Architecture

Queen Victoria Building – Suspension Rods Provide Structural Support for Escalator

Sydney, Australia

Application: Suspension Structural Bracing

JW Marriott Hotel – Cabling System for Glass Facade

Los Angeles, CA. USA

Application: Suspension Structural Bracing

Del Mar College – tensile wires and rods provide structural support

Texas, USA

Application: Suspension Structural Bracing

Saville Hotel and Apartments – Suspended Art Projects Foyer Feature

Queensland, Australia

Application: Signage Decoration

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