The Ronstan range of Tensile Architecture hardware

The Ronstan range features two primary types of tensile architecture hardware:

Systems are generally structural members such as cables and rods, including end fittings/components

Components are individual fittings for cable and rod such as turnbuckles and end terminals, and associated accessories like anchor fittings, bushes, shackles etc.


Complete product selection details are provided, including product numbers, dimensions, ratings, and basic selection and use recommendations. See our definitions and customer considerations for further advice and guidance. 

Ronstan also offers complete solutions for Tensile Architecture projects, covering all stages from design through project management to installation.

Structural Rod Systems

Ronstan rod/bar systems are available in a wide variety of material grades and finishes in stainless or carbon steel allowing the optimization of your structure. Diameters from 4.8mm (3/16”) to 100mm (4”).

Structural Cable Systems

Ronstan cables and end fittings are manufactured to the highest aesthetic and structural standards, fully load rated, and \available from 2.5mm (3/32”) to 140mm (5 ½”) in diameter in stainless or carbon steel.

Balustrade & Railing Systems

A refreshingly simple approach to balustrade/railing cables. Five innovative, aesthetic and functional systems are presented as one number for simple complete detailing, and clear interpretation by architect, builder and client.

Landscape & Greening Systems

Greening applications demonstrate the intelligent use of Ronstan cables, nets and mesh to provide an essential trellis structure for vertical gardens in the tightest building envelope.

Carl Stahl X-TEND® Mesh

The original stainless steel cable mesh. Manufactured to exacting standards by Carl Stahl, X-TEND is a versatile load rated mesh suitable for facade, balustrade, greening and security applications.

Carl Stahl I-SYS® Architectural Cable Components

The I-SYS range from Carl Stahl provides Ronstan customers with an unparalleled variety of stainless end components and connections for that specialist cable connection, tensioner or anchor detail.

Rigging Components

Individual rigging components for cable and rod. Stainless steel cable, anchor fittings and DIY tools.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture