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Ronstan Tensile Architecture draws on an unparalleled understanding of every phase and consideration involved in tensile design and construction, delivering a full range of design, engineering and installation capabilities.

As a leading end-to-end specialty contractor, Ronstan brings continuity, efficiency, quality control and cost effectiveness to projects while providing a tailored solution for each installation.

Ronstan has a proven ability to provide service without borders. Ronstan tailors tensile and tensegrity solutions to meet the needs of any lightweight structure and maintains the unique capability to provide comprehensive services for small to midsize projects. This is done by incorporating key principles like concept development, design assistance, cable and fitting selection, structural analysis and installation.

Ronstan’s design engineers customize solutions for each tensile architecture application, while its project management team ensures the proper coordination of tensile requirements for lightweight structures. Working with a building project’s team from concept to completion, Ronstan develops and implements a practical, workable and creative solution to deliver the highest quality tensile architecture installation.

Additionally, because Ronstan initially made its name in the industry as a manufacturer of architectural rigging, the company boasts invaluable expertise related to the performance characteristics of tensile architecture materials including:

  • Corrosion Protection
  • Cable Construction
  • End Connections
  • Clamps, Anchors and Assorted Fittings
  • Factors affecting Cable Length
  • Cable Creep
  • Elongation Due to Clamping
  • Temperature
  • Elastic Elongation


   Management & Coordination

From design to delivery, Ronstan Tensile Architecture coordinates, manages and oversees the construction of any tensile or tensegrity structure on site. This includes consolidating tensile components from different suppliers prior to erection to ensure a seamless installation.

By partnering with a specialty contractor like Ronstan at the start of a project, the building team can collaborate to develop and implement a practical, workable and creative solution, delivering the highest quality tensile architecture installation.

   Site Supervision And Installation

Ronstan Tensile Architecture follows through with its end-to-end design, contracting and manufacturing services by providing on-site supervision and overseeing installation of its tension systems.

Ronstan can also work with an existing team to supervise efficient, timely implementation of a tensile structure. Ronstan plays an active role throughout the full design and building process to ensure the utmost in quality, safety and efficiency for all its specialty construction projects.

   Design Support

Ronstan Tensile Architecture blends discipline with creativity to achieve design excellence for tensile structures. Ronstan’s design assist services draw on decades of experience in tensile architecture, combined with the latest technology and techniques.

A team of design engineers interprets your vision and helps you realise the concept for any project by customising tensile solutions to meet the demands of each design assist application.

   Method Statements

Ronstan develops accurate method statements for every tensile structure to ensure that the tensioning equipment will perform to expectation with the most efficient, safe and timely installation.

Ronstan’s consultants can assess any on-site construction needs, including evaluating and advising on appropriate lifting and tensioning equipment. All on-site work is done with strict adherence to safe work practices.

   Estimates, Planning & Scheduling

Ronstan Tensile Architecture provides accurate and transparent quotations for tensile structures as well as detailed estimates for cost planning requirements.

Ronstan’s services include quotes based on our customers’ specifications and drawings, and careful attention is paid to pricing clarity. Ronstan can also prepare estimates for preliminary costing purposes for cable structures.

   Structural Analysis

A team of Ronstan’s specialty consultants provides detailed analysis and modelling of how tensile cable, rod and bar systems will behave and interact within any tensile architecture installation.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture has the technical expertise to help with all the elements of structural analysis as well as the structural engineering experience to offer specific advice on the practical application of its tensile components.

   Materials Selection

Selecting the right materials for a tensile structure plays a critical part in the overall design-build process and success of a project. Ronstan Tensile Architecture consults with the client project team on how to precisely customize a tensioned system from a wide range of products, materials, and finishes, including: stainless steel cables, fittings, and turnbuckles.

Ronstan offers unbiased advice and will work with outside manufacturers to ensure the best results for tensile structures. This service includes drawings and descriptions provided to make the steel

   Custom Fabrication

Whether a project requires a custom-made connection or an off-the-shelf line, Ronstan can custom design and fabricate the ideal hardware solution for any job.

Ronstan designs and manufactures stainless steel cable fittings as well as swaged fittings and terminals and is an ISO9001 certified company, which means our dedication to quality and continuous improvement is built into all our operating procedures.

Because Ronstan’s design engineers possess a technical understanding of individual tensile components, we can customize solutions to meet the architectural vision of each project.

View some of our previous custom designed components in our Project Gallery.

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