The innovative stainless steel cable component system for architecture and design

Expertise and Creativity

I-SYS, the stainless steel architectural range, transform visions into reality. I-SYS offers both form and function to the architect, with a superb range of literally thousands of components and assemblies. I-SYS products can be used for many applications from small decorative projects to high load cables for tensile structures.
I-SYS offers functionality, consistent quality, creativity of application and prize winning design. General planning authority approval of many components, successful test programs and a number of company patents typify the professionalism of the range. Stainless steel material allows durable, cost effective and low maintenance solutions to be created. The system sets worldwide standards of modern construction for architects, engineers and fabricators.

Advice and Planning

I-SYS includes components, combinations and individual applications. Above all, the I-SYS system constitutes an invitation to cooperative action.

The experts from Ronstan offer advice and plan small and large projects, they inspire architects to find the most aesthetically satisfying solutions and supply statics calculations. A service which is as rapid as it is professional and which is in demand all over the world. The range of expertise of our specialists ranges from the first idea, through truly exceptional development, up to manufacture, assembly and subsequent service.

I-SYS – External Thread

Stainless steel cables are turned into universal elements by means of useful connectors, fittings and guides.

They have to be strong in order to take up the forces which occur and at the same time they must harmonise with the architecture.

A performance which the individual components negotiate with the greatest of ease. Including the jewel in the crown, the F50, a hammered external thread which brings together different diameters of stainless steel cable and final connectors in a perfect interference fit.

Carl Stahl I-SYS®

I-SYS – External Thread

Long lengths of splendid cable can be seen in bridges and on stairways.

They provide safety, divide different areas of use from one another or mark structures in public spaces.

Generous forms require the cables to be strung in the right rhythm. Internal threads do sterling service here.

Reduced to a minimum as regards form, they secure the cable fixing, maintain cables at the right lengths and keep them parallel to one another.

Carl Stahl I-SYS®

I-SYS – Forks

Slim and elegant, but strong and long lived: these are the requirements placed on connections between cable and building. Intelligent design is absolutely essential.

The I-SYS range impresses with its unique aesthetic qualities. Refined technical processing of the stainless steel in conjunction with organic forms are typical of CS-Forks and CS-Eyes.

The international jury of the leading architectural journal AIT awarded the range the highly-regarded »Innovation Prize for Architecture and Construction«, recognising the new elegance of these industrial elements.

Carl Stahl I-SYS®

I-SYS – Eyes

As a counterpart to the forks, eyes complete the pair as regards detailed design and long lifetime.

Offering a strong connection, yet also flexibly jointed, this type of coupling even goes around corners.

Used alone, eyes can also be used to guide cables or for anchorage within the shell of the building.

Carl Stahl I-SYS®

I-SYS – End Stops

End stops ensure secure fixing. Along with preformed parts they offer secure connections for sloping cable runs.

Balls and sockets are also among the exceptional products offered in the I-SYS range.

This rounded duo is a technical innovation for end connections at angles of slope of up to 60 degrees and is the subject of a current patent application.

The principle of movement between ball and socket originates from nature: the ball sits firmly on the socket, which is round and therefore invariably fits. Rapid and formally consistent solutions which fit flexibly into the angle are the result.

Carl Stahl I-SYS®

I-SYS – Cables, Loops, Clamps, Accessories

Stainless steel cables are some of the most adaptable elements within architecture. Of static significance or decorative, fine or functional, discreetly integrated or designed to be eye-catching – cables really add to the creative possibilities of building. With diameters of between 1 and 26 millimetres and end connections from M4 to M36, I-SYS offers the right range for individual applications. With I-SYS, the formal unit of cable and connection becomes a perfect architectural detail. Ready-assembled or ready to assembly – Carl Stahl follows the individual wishes of its clients. For the end result is what matters.The professional team of I-SYS advisors will find suitable solutions for all questions of planning, pre-assembly, manufacture and final erection and assembly.

Carl Stahl I-SYS®

I-SYS – Greenery

The I-SYS greenery system is clearly designed, simple to plan, easy to mount and can be adapted to different facades and plants.

Its high-quality elements add to the architecture of many structures even without plants, and later re-tains the green covering in position for years. Harmonised components form the basis and therefore make design and construction simpler.

There are two types of end and intermediate holders as well as cables are available for normal and particularly high tensile loads.

Carl Stahl I-SYS®

I-SYS – Balustrade

The I-SYS programme for balustrade gives scope for individual forms for stairways, walkways and platforms.

Specially developed for self-assembly and installation, the stainless steel cables of 4 mm diameter are supplied with fixable end connections.

The cable assemblies automatically follow any angle.

Posts and handrails with a diameter of 42.4 mm complete this well-designed and thought out product range.

Carl Stahl I-SYS®
Ronstan Tensile Architecture