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Greening applications demonstrate the intelligent use of Ronstan cables, nets and mesh to provide an essential trellis structure for vertical gardens in the tightest building envelope. Ronstan’s green wall systems offer shading as well as a sculptural solution for spaces with increased urban density and a reduced urban heat island effect. A living vertical garden contributes toward sustainable design and creates a unique aesthetic through the use of vegetation and flowers.

Knowledge of plant growth considerations and an ability to match these needs through analysis with relevant design, custom fabrication and effective installation methods ensures lasting solutions for green wall facades.



Simple and straight is the theme with our Single Cable Trellis systems. Cables can be oriented in a vertical or horizontal arrangement and spaced to suit overall look and/or plant type selected. Single Cable Trellis systems are a great way to draw vines ‘up’ a space while scrambling plants love to sprawl sideways along horizontal style trellises. Stylish cable fittings and well resolved off stands make the AGS1 the perfect solution for applying a straight line cable trellis to any new or existing wall.


Applying a Grid Style Trellis to your space enables you to train plants upward and sideways to help create a fully filled expanse of greening. The AGS2 system uses vertical support cables throughout with the option of horizontals made from either cable, rod or other profiles such as angle or tube. Horizontal and vertical elements are clamped together at each intersection to create a stable system. Intermediate off stands are required to help minimise deflection and keep perimeter loads low. Tendril climbers love to spread around the grid style trellis and the spacing of grids can be nominated to suit your slow or fast growing climbers.


Ronstan Diagonal Green Trellises provide a refreshing alternative to standard green wall trellising. Generally better suited to high walls these trellises promote good vertical plant growth while providing a stylish background feature on their own. The elongated diamonds of the stainless steel cable and mesh alternatives provides a good value-to-coverage ratio and their off-vertical arrangement encourages plants to spread faster than other arrangements. Our AGS3 systems offers three different configurations; off stands with tensioned cables and plastic cross clamps, off stands at all intersections with plain cable (no tensioners) and large elongated mesh bordered by cables and off stands. Each style can provide a different look and suit different budgets based on overall wall size.



Carl Stahl X-Tend mesh is a unique and versatile material. When used in greening applications, it can take many forms and is versatile meeting almost any conceived shape or border profile. X-Tend Mesh Trellises always require support around their full perimeter, which can be made from either cable or a rigid tube. AGS4 mesh trellises can span large areas and voids, providing continuous plant support across any structure. Our standard systems are basic rectangular configurations, however the flexibility of X-Tend mesh can accommodate a broad range of irregular shapes and designs.

Easy Green™ is a smart cable trellis system from Ronstan Tensile Architecture that can be used to create eye-catching green garden walls or trellises with ease and simplicity every single time. The Ronstan Easy Green™ cable trellis system utilises components that are purpose-designed for ease of trellis installation onto timber, masonry or concrete. Based around a unique composite wall mount and 4mm diameter stainless-steel cable, Easy Green™ can be installed at home without need for professional riggers and can realise a wide variety of trellis or espalier patterns to form an attractive feature aesthetic right from installation. Wall mounts have a unique clamp top that holds the trellis at a distance from the wall, allowing the plant space to grow with good airflow.

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