Cable Trellis Systems

Cable Trellis Catalogue from Ronstan Tensile Architecture

Faced with the challenge of increased urban density, the intelligent use of cables provides essential structure for vertical landscapes at a fraction of the cost of living green walls.

The Ronstan Cable Trellis Catalogue will sit well on any coffee table and is packed full of inspirational green walls and arbour ideas as well as technical advice.

The range of cable systems detailed has been developed with one function in mind – to deliver simple cable systems that provide the necessary structure for vertical climbing plants. As pioneers in cables for greening, Ronstan has detailed its most popular cable systems. When combined with correct plant selection, and used in the right aspect and site orientation, they can be applied as modules to suit any wall or facade.

To make the process even easier each system can be specified under a single AGS part number and has a specification block that can be copied to ensure the specification is clear and easily understood by specifier, builder and landscaper alike.

The catalogue includes the world-first Easy Green™ cable trellis system designed specifically as a simple and practical solution to beautify or hide garage boundary walls or fences behind green climbing plants. Available as a DIY kit or as single wall mounts, Easy Green™ is manufactured of high strength UV resistant composite construction and matches the performance of stainless steel alternatives in a designer solution at a fraction of the cost.

Ronstan provides the only “total solution” in landscape trellis systems with wall mounts and components designed to hold cables from the building face optimizing growth conditions for climbing plants.

For awe-inspiring cable trellis ideas download a digital copy of the catalogue now!

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