X-TEND® Tensile Mesh

Modern Mesh

Carl Stahl® is leading the way in lightweight construction architecture. X-TEND® stainless steel tensile mesh (invented in 1990) opens up a whole new world of spatial possibilities using cables and is the result of the creative partnership with designer Thomas Ferwagner.

The intelligent combination of stainless steel cables and ferrules is the key to a range of shapes for engineered cable mesh constructions. The opposing curvature of the cables permits light, transparent structures possessing extremely high load capacity and long spans due to the low weight of the X-TEND® material.

Architecture with X-TEND® is transparent and innovative. The tensile mesh can be used in all kinds of applications including balustrades on bridges and staircases, flexible zoo enclosures, large barrier fences, and building façade trellis systems.

X-TEND® offers various possibilities for use in architecture and interior design. Different diameters and flexible mesh sizes allow tailor made solutions, from safety structures, stairways, walkways and platforms through zoo enclosures and greeneries up to three-dimensional structures.

One-Stop Service

From the customer’s initial concept, sketch or drawing, Carl Stahl® will create suggestions for future solutions. They will comply with individual wishes to complete projects that meet the performance criteria within the architectural context and complying with regional regulations.

Initial tensions, strain and loading have to be determined precisely for both small and major construction projects. The structural designers use special computer programs to calculate cable strength, mesh size, constructions and structures.

Special manufacturing systems are used to ensure the fast and precise conversion of the net plans. Stainless steel cables and ferrules are pressed to the predetermined dimension. The customer is supplied with the net as well as the securing and cable system.

X-TEND® can be assembled by craftsman shops or installed by Carl Stahl’s specialists. In both cases, precise planning, manufacturing and preparation are required. Carl Stahl® provides information and instructions for self-assembly.

Carl Stahl® provides balustrade assemblies with the cable mesh preinstalled on stainless steel frames. X-TEND 2 is available in rectangular or rhomboid form in different sizes and mesh widths. Special assembly kits make installation easy.

Taronga Zoo Sydney - Chimpanzee Enclosure

Taronga Zoo Sydney – Chimpanzee Enclosure

APNIC Building - Office Stairwell

APNIC Corporate Building – Stairwell Enclosure

Security Mesh

City Council Building Melbourne – Green Wall

Ronstan Tensile Architecture