ABS5 Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Carl Stahl® X-TEND Mesh
Superb aesthetics meets performance with Ronstan’s flexible stainless steel cable mesh. When bordered by a frame or tensioned cable, you can use X-TEND® to achieve extremely effective and stylish balustrading/railing. X-TEND® mesh allows for optimal transparency while offering superior performance in security and barrier applications.

Range Considerations

ABS5 Carl Stahl X-TEND® stainless steel mesh is custom manufactured to suit your balustrade, railing or barrier application. A successful application involves careful consideration of the following options.

ABS5 Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Mesh Size

Stainless steel cable diameters from 1mm (0.039 in.) to 4mm (0.157 in.) can be selected for the mesh material in accordance with the desired level of “lightness” or strength.

Mesh Aperture/Width

Mesh apertures range from 25mm (1 in.) to 100mm (4 in.) and can be selected for aesthetics, “climb ability” and the preferred level of transparency.


Mesh connections (ferrules) are available in nickel plated copper, or highly aesthetic stainless steel for premium applications or where resistance to corrosion is a driving consideration.

Mesh Orientation

Mesh can be applied in either a vertical or horizontal direction, again dependent on the balustrade or railing design and the required aesthetics.
ABS5 Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Border Fixings

Carl Stahl X-TEND® mesh needs to be secured in place with either border cables or perimeter tubes. These transfer the force exerted around the complete perimeter of the flexible mesh panel to the supporting structure, balustrade or railing. Border cables deflect in response to this force adding unique and elegant form to the application. Where aesthetics demand a more linear or regular mesh panel free of deflection, then the mesh can be laced directly to a rod or tube frame.

Specification Support & Design Assistance

ABS5 Carl Stahl X-TEND® mesh is a fully load rated elastic stainless steel mesh with properties that allow some fantastic three dimensional applications. For optimal results our Design Engineering Department can provide border and fixing recommendations, assistance with component selection and detailed CAD drawings.

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