System No HS VS S Suitable for
  mm mm mm plant type
150 250 80 Slow Growing Vines and Tendril Climbers
300 500 120 Slow Growing Vines and Tendril Climbers
Custom Custom Custom
        *S= Distance off wall.

Applying a Grid Style Trellis to your space enables you to train plants upward and sideways to help create a fully filled expanse of greening. The AGS2 system uses vertical support cables throughout with the option of horizontals made from either cable, rod or other profiles such as angle or tube. Horizontal and vertical elements are clamped together at each intersection to create a stable system. Intermediate off stands are required to help minimise deflection and keep perimeter loads low. Tendril climbers love to spread around the grid style trellis and the spacing of grids can be nominated to suit your slow or fast growing climbers.
HOW TO SPECIFY – Complete the required system number & insert this text into your specification document Ronstan AGS2x-xxx Grid Style Trellis system. Consists of vertical ACS3-SSM04 4mm dia cables with 7×7 construction. Horizontal members of 4mm dia cables(ACS3-SSM04), SS rod (RF1525-2.5) or SS equal angle as defined by System No. Affixes to stainless steel offstands TYP 80 or 120mm long depending on System No selected. Cable and horizontal member spacing to dimensions as defined by System No selected and intersections connected using UV resistant plastic. Max spacing for intermediate offstands (along cable) is 2000mm. Offstands use M8 threaded fixing 100mm long, typically chemset to wall. Please refer to the component overview for alternate fixings to suit non-concrete wall types.

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OTHER COMMENTS/CONSIDERATIONS For large spans or plant loads, heavy duty stands are required. Horizontal systems can sag under plant weight and consideration should always be given to how accessible and climbable your installation is. End stands can be replaced by posts/frames/support as required. I920-0400 grey plastic cross clamps are included as standard.
I858-0400 stainless steel cross clamps can be used instead if desired. 
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