System No MW MH S Suitable for
  mm mm mm plant type
100 173 80 Slow Growing Vines and Tendril Climbers
160 277 80 Slow Growing Vines and Tendril Climbers
240 415 120 Fast Growing Vines and Tendril Climbers
300 518 160 Fast Growing Vines and Tendril Climbers
Custom Custom Custom
        *S= Distance off wall.

Carl Stahl X-Tend mesh is a unique and versatile material. When used in greening applications, it can take many forms and is versatile meeting almost any conceived shape or border profile. X-Tend Mesh Trellises always require support around their full perimeter, which can be made from either cable or a rigid tube. AGS4 mesh trellises can span large areas and voids, providing continuous plant support across any structure. Our standard systems are basic rectangular configurations, however the flexibility of X-Tend mesh can accommodate a broad range of irregular shapes and designs.
HOW TO SPECIFY – Complete the required system number & insert this text into your specification document Ronstan AGS4x-xxx X-Tend Mesh Trellis system. Uses <MW> x 1.5mm X-Tend stainless steel mesh with cable or rigid border frame and stainless steel corner brackets, intermediate off stands to max 1200mm spacing. For large mesh panels and intermediate spacing above 1200mm Ronstan engineers to determine loads suitable support connections. Offstands use M8 threaded fixing 100mm long, typically chemset to wall. Please refer to the component overview for alternate fixings to suit non-concrete wall types. Load back to structure to be determined by engineer.

Contact Ronstan on 03 8586 2000 for pricing, installation and further details.
End stands can be replaced by posts/frames/support as required. AGS4 systems can be large span and various shapes and may require engineering analysis to determine reaction loads to structure. Cable borders are typically dia Ø6mm SS316 cable with 1×19 construction and can vary based on overall configuration. Rigid border frames are typically dia Ø32mm SS316 tube and can vary based on overall configuration.
Suitable for:

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