Andrew Trowbridge – Architectural Manager USA

The greatest benefit of tensile architecture is the reduced need for heavy steel structures, creating lightweight and efficient structures with free-flowing spaces. Ronstan Tensile Architecture can draw upon unparalleled expertise, understanding, and experience at every phase of tensile design and construction.

Meet Andrew: Andrew Trowbridge has been with Ronstan since 2000, and as of January 2022 has been appointed to the position of Architectural Manager for Ronstan USA.

Prior to joining Ronstan, Andrew was enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force for eight years in addition to working as a marine rigger for four years, at times working alongside Ronstan on tensile design projects as a fabrication and installation contractor. Andrew’s site experience installing cables on tensile structures across southern Australia, as well as his many years developing unique and bespoke cable solutions for specialist contractors across North America, sees him with an unparalleled understanding of cables and how they behave. 

Originally from Tasmania, Andrew relocated to the United States in 2006 and currently resides in Reno, Nevada with his wife and son. Outside work, Andrew is a competitive sailor who has competed in many national and state level events and numerous Sydney to Hobart races. As a nod to his red hair, Andrew’s friends and co-workers affectionately refer to him as ‘Blue’.

Favorite Project? Andrew has a lot to be proud of after over 20 years with Ronstan, but one of the highlights was the catenary lighting installation at Avenida Houston – one of the first engineering and supervision projects that Ronstan completed in North America. This project helped downtown Houston come alive in the exciting run up to the city hosting the Super Bowl in 2017.

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