Basil Callahan – Sales Operations Manager

“Implementing a culture of innovation with a focus on empathetic design and quality craftsmanship, Ronstan continues to offer fresh and creative solutions in this space.”

Meet Basil: Growing up in Northeast Melbourne, Bas’s interest in architecture started at a young age as his father ran a small building company. Gaining practical experience as a labourer for his father’s company, he went onto tertiary study in Building Design and later began his career at a boutique architecture company specialising in the renovations and restorations of heritage homes. After five years, he moved onto work as a Building Estimator for a luxury residential builder, completed an Honours Degree in Construction Management, and finally joined Ronstan as a Project Manager on December 12, 2016.

Outside work, Bas enjoys spending time with his two young daughters as well as sailing, good food, and good wine with friends.

In a project’s timeline, when should the architect, engineer, or contractor contact Ronstan Tensile Architecture? Tensile Architecture offers original and innovative design solutions for a wide range of projects and should be considered in the early design phase, as well as, throughout the project lifecycle as a problem-solving technique. It offers opportunities for interesting and modern design as well as a high degree of project efficiency. Ronstan has been the leading specialised contractor in Tensile Architecture for over 25 years.

Favourite Project? Ronstan was engaged to assist Flinders University to upgrade an existing pedestrian bridge that spanned a large gorge on their Adelaide campus. The project goal was to create an enclosed walkway with minimal impact on the visual landscape of the gorge. However, the original structure, which was built in the 1960s, had a low tolerance for load and presented engineering challenges. Ronstan offered a lightweight, highly translucent solution using Carl Stahl X-Tend® mesh which also achieved a contemporary and subtle aesthetic.  

This was a very successful project for all stakeholders, which reflects well on Ronstan as we played a crucial role through the full life cycle of the project delivery. Being involved in the early stages of the design concepts with the Architect gave the ground for the project to be delivered in the very tight time frame required.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture