Carl Stahl X-TEND® Tensile Mesh Catalogue

X-TEND® tensile mesh is perfect for lightweight architecture. The stainless steel cable mesh opens up a whole new world of spatial design options using cables. The intelligent combination of stainless steel cables and ferrules is the key to a wide range of geometries for engineered cable mesh constructions. The opposing curvature of the cables permits light, transparent structures possessing extremely high load capacity and long spans in relation to the low weight of the X-TEND material. Architectural statements can thus be reconciled with safety aspects. 

X-TEND® tensile mesh can even be used outdoors with a three-dimensional curvature over large surfaces without any risk of frequency or noise generation. The high-quality netting changes its appearance depending on the mesh size, light incidence and perspective: X-TEND® provides various reflections and views, resulting in a fascinating interplay of transparent and slightly iridescent surfaces.

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