Carl Stahl Zoolutions Catalogue

X-TEND architecture allows considerable creative freedom when it comes to animal enclosures. Many contrasting demands come together – from safety and beauty to stability and openness. Large expanses of net are now calculable and fantastic, highly imaginative cable and steel support geometries are no longer a mere vision. Lightweight constructions characterised by formal clarity give rise to a new design language in zoo architecture. Zoolutions testify to the static and aesthetic precision aspired to by their designers.

Zoolutions is a compendium which sums up the challenges of keeping animals in a near-natural environment. Every species has its own individual needs – and the architecture and appropriateness of the enclosures are aspects that should not be underestimated. X-TEND structures leverage the huge potential of modern building technologies with consummate ease: their spacious layout means each animal has sufficient room to exercise while their open design guarantees an unobstructed view and offers unbeatable durability.

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