Easy Green System

The new Easy Green™ cable trellis system provides essential structure for climbing plants and is designed to encourage plant growth up residential walls and commercial facades.

Available as single wall mounts or in DIY kit form, Easy Green™ is a simple and practical way to beautify or hide boundary walls and fences behind a green facade of climbing plants.

Wall mounts utilise an innovative, fully adjustable, swivelling head to clamp 4mm stainless steel cable in varying trellis layouts and patterns without the need for turnbuckles.

The high strength UV resistant composite construction of Easy Green™ matches the performance of stainless alternatives at a fraction of the cost, is simple to install, and fully recyclable.

AGS5 – Combination Layout

AGS5 – Diagonal Layout

AGS5 – Grid Layout

AGS5 – Inclined Layout

AGS5 – Random Layout

AGS5 – Vertical Layout

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