Ecoville Park Ampitheatre – A light load

Ecoville is a community park and residential district.

The park’s pavilion is a landmark feature and is a very unique structure with many interesting design and technological features.

The levitating roof of the pavillion’s ampitheatre is diamond shaped, multi faceted and weighs approx 250 tonnes. The rods solely support the whole structure and the Ronstan brackets that the rods attach to, create an open penetration through the roof, to give the occupant an appreciation for how the structure works and to portray a feeling of lightness.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture drafted, supplied and installed M56 structural rods and the brackets that connect the rods to the surrounding structure. We assisted in the co-ordination and planning, to safely install our rods within difficult and detailed geometries, by gradually releasing the concrete slab onto the rods. Each rod is about 10m long with capacity of approximately 100 tonnes!

Ronstan Tensile Architecture provided specialised technical support and assistance with the complicated geometry of this design. The tricky and high risk nature of this structure means the importance of utmost quality and reliability is paramount. The client saw the value in this and was able to rely on Ronstan Tensile Architecture completely.


Ronstan Tensile Architecture