Timeless Frankston Footbridge – An Arched Suspension Bridge

Every so often we take a look back at iconic projects past. 

Pedestrian bridges, also known as footbridges, provide a safe mode of passage for cyclists and walkers, carrying them safely over waterways without fear of conflict with vehicular road traffic.  As with the Frankston Footbridge, which crosses the mouth of Kananook Creek in Frankston, Australia, these iconic bridges often represent the main feature of the landscape, in this case the Seaford Foreshore Reserve.

A successful footbridge design must afford a safe mode of transit for pedestrians that doesn’t interfere with other traffic on roads or waterways.  At the same time, although smaller than road bridges, footbridges often present great opportunities for architects and artists to conceive and create spectacular overpasses often utilizing technologies like tensile architecture to ensure they make a timeless statement.

Looking as good as the day it was constructed, the Frankston Footbridge design features two beautiful crossed arches from which Ronstan ARS4 Carbon steel hanger bars suspend and hold the bridge deck firmly on place.  And on a busy weekend the ultimate test of the appeal of any bridge becomes abundantly clear when users can be seen surveying, experiencing and enjoying the structure itself as they cross in complete safety.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture