Horno 3 – Suspended Helical Staircase and Cable Railing

Museo del Acero Horno 3 was formerly the number 3 blast furnace for the Fundidora de Monterrey steel mill. Horno 3 is one of the most iconic and recognizable features of the Monterrey skyline and has now been converted into part of the steel museum.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture was contracted to supply stainless steel pre-stressed cables for supporting the helical staircase and hand cable railing. The design of the cables and style of end terminations was the subject of considerable design development works, the end combination critical to the satisfaction of stringent aesthetic and structural considerations.

The cables are Ø3/16” 1X19 316 Stainless Steel with a range of ACS2 and ACS3 fittings used. Turnbuckles were left exposed in the ceiling, reflecting the building’s industrial heritage, whilst swage terminals disappeared into the floor providing seamless hidden connection. The staircase was pre fabricated then trucked complete to site to be craned into position.

Another landmark Ronstan Tensile Architecture balustrade solution: Aesthetic. Individual. Unique.

Architect: Grimshaw, New York. Architect of Record: Oficina de Architectura, Monterrey, Mexico

Product:  ACS2-GS  ACS3-GS

Enginneer: Werner Sobek, New York. Engineer of Record: SOCSA, Monterrey, Mexico

General Constructor/Bulder: Sistemas Optimos Constructivos, Monterrey, Mexico

Installation: Sarco Fabrication En Acero S.A. DE

Client/Owner: Patronato Museo del acero, Monterrey, Mexico

Completion Date: 2007

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