Leanne Purcell – Contracts Administrator

“Ronstan are the one stop shop. From designs that are carefully considered and compliant with applicable standards and codes to supply of certified materials of the highest quality, our installations will stand the test of time and look as good as the day of completion for many years.”

Meet Leanne: Long before she worked with Ronstan, or before they were a client, Leanne unknowingly worked with one of Ronstan’s biggest clients by having her photo turned into a perforated metal installation on the Geelong Road for the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Leanne has been working in the construction industry as an administrator for approximately 25 years, including the last 10 years with Ronstan. Although an administrator, Leanne gained relevant licenses to carry out a mesh and cable installation hands-on to further understand the materials and systems she works with on a day to day basis.

Why Tensile Architecture? Tensile architecture can provide a lightweight solution for your project that can almost be hidden from view. Instead of having large bulky elements within your building design, consider tensile architecture to free up space and modernise the look of your project. Or, use tensile installations to green your project with cable and mesh greening elements.

When in a project’s timeline should the architect, engineer, or contractor contact Ronstan? Contact Ronstan as early as possible in the design process of your project to ensure that all your tensile needs are met to make the installation process seamless. The integration of tensile elements is fundamental to the outcome of the project and the earlier the design consideration, the better the result will be.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture