LSAA 2018 Conference – Innovate into the Future

LSAA 2018 Conference with UTS and LSAA Design Awards “Innovate into the Future” October 25-26 2018

Ronstan Tensile Architecture Principal, Rowan Murray, is currently helping to coordinate a great industry conference in Tensile Architecture with a few or our industry colleagues.  Like most years Rowan and Ronstan are at the forefront with the organization, industry leadership and sponsorship of these events, and are Gold Sponsor for 2018.  See below for event details.

In the modern world, progress is fast. Exciting new opportunities and revolutions in buildings lie around every corner. New ideas in design and sustainability will shape us and our buildings as we go into the future. Over two days in October, Innovate into the Future will explore the expanding frontiers of architecture and engineering in lightweight structures. It will both examine the changing ideas and concepts in the field over the years, whilst looking forward to what the future holds.

The conference will show off some of the innovations that will lie at the centre of tomorrow’s world. Cutting edge modern designs and concepts will be highlighted, illustrating design challenges and solutions. These will be combined with workshops that leave delegates with a hands-on perspective of these revolutionary ideas.

International delegates, LSAA Committee, Keynote speakers and leading Fabric Engineers worked alongside students in teams for the 2016 Workshop.

For the very first time, reflecting the increasingly interdisciplinary world around us, expert knowledge from other disciplines will be brought into the forefront, showing how new innovations from outside the lightweight structures field can now be used to inform and shape the road ahead.

Set against the iconic backdrop of Jørn Utzon’s architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House, so ahead of its time that techniques needed to be invented to enable its construction, the conference aims to fulfil the same spirit of innovation and technological advancement. It promises to be an exciting, unmissable opportunity for delegates, through presentations and workshops to discover what tomorrow’s world of lightweight structures will look like and meet some of the key players shaping it.

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