Paul Newman – Project Manager

“As the leaders in tensile project design, delivery, and management, Ronstan upholds the highest standards in design and quality, ensuring every project will be fit for its intended purpose for the entirety of its lifecycle.”

Meet Paul: An avid sailor from Melbourne with extensive experience in marine rigging and small boat design, Paul was a natural fit when he joined Ronstan Tensile Architecture in 2015 as a Project Coordinator. Over 20 years combined experience as a tradesman, marine rigger and at Ronstan have left him with an exceptional understanding of cables and tensile properties. As a project manager, Paul oversees the design, production, and installation of projects to ensure all aspects are met in compliance with safety and quality standards.

Benefits of Tensile Architecture? Tensile Architecture can benefit a project in many ways, but the main benefits are design flexibility, uniqueness, striking aesthetics, and functionality. With its endless applications, architects, landscape architects, and designers can experiment with form and shape to create exciting signature projects that are as functional as they are unique. Tensile architecture allows for large span, lightweight, unobtrusive, robust structures that are often quicker and cheaper to install than traditional construction methods.

Favorite Project? The Sumatran Tiger enclosure at the Taronga Zoo was a memorable project, helping create a tensile mesh barrier capable of absorbing the impact of an adult tiger running at full speed. The exhibit itself is quite complex, consisting of three separate enclosures located on a steep and rocky hill. It was a special achievement to overcome the unique challenges created by the uneven landscape and inherent considerations of a tiger enclosure.

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