Recognizing Tensile Architecture

In the new year we have resolved to make more people aware of the possibilities when it comes to designing with tensile architecture. It dawned on us that the words “tensile architecture” get used to describe the use of structural elements in tension to support the walls and roof in lightweight buildings and canopies. However, tensile architecture is much more than structural support. It can become an essential part of the aesthetic design of the project. If you can learn to recognize examples of tensile architecture, you will realize it is all around you. Each project example shows off the unique ways in which tensile architecture provided a solution to individual design challenges. From Art to Zoo, here are a few examples to look for.

Art Installations

Tensile cables provided the necessary support for a larger than life rabbit leaping into the baggage claim at the Sacramento Airport in California. The sculpture required a maximum working load of 7,800 pounds with a heavy concentration on exhibit visitors/airport safety. See more art and decoration projects here.

Home Structural Installations

Ronstan rods were chosen by Laura Kaehler Architects for this private residence for the interior and exterior structural support. Our ARS products can be customized to fit any look. In this case, the black powder coating compliments the interior design while providing the required support.

Structural Bracing

When monitor support at DIA required structural bracing, the product also needed to fit the unique design statement of the building structure which uses a cable system to support multiple peaked fabric roofs. Ronstan’s sleek and minimalist compact terminal adjuster cables were the perfect solution for such a highly visible architectural application. Check out more Suspension and Structural Bracing projects here.


The Ronstan range of cable systems for greening have been developed with one function in mind, to deliver the most simple vehicle for vertical climbing plants to thrive on trellises and facades, even in the tightest of constraints. The Cairns Queensland Government Service Center at William McCormack Place, reaps all the benefits of greening including reducing thermal gain, noise reduction, cooling, improved air quality, and aesthetic and health benefits. More landscape and greening projects here.

Zoological Enclosures

Having trouble keeping your Chimps in check? Ronstan understands cable performance, structure and lightweight architecture, and with our zoological partners, we can assist with complete turnkey enclosure solutions. At the Taronga Zoo, Jackson Teece Architects worked with Ronstan to create a unique chimpanzee enclosure comprised of a mast and cable structure clad by blackened Carl Stahl X-Tend stainless steel wire mesh. See other Zoological enclosure projects here.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture