Steven Theophanous-Maddison – Construction Manager

“I believe that success in Construction is only ever truly achieved with a spirit of collaboration, communication, consultation, and cooperation.”

Meet Steven: Originally from London, Steven joined Ronstan Tensile Architecture in 2016 and works out of the head office in Braeside, Australia. He is predominantly a family man who enjoys creating art in all forms with a strong appreciation for classical music. He brings to Ronstan over 20 years of experience in construction management across several sectors of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry. Steven holds a master’s degree in the Science of Construction Project Management in addition to several workplace health, safety, and risk qualifications. His extensive experience combined with his secondary education gives him a unique insight into the proper management of a project throughout the entirety of its lifecycle, from concept to completion.

Why Ronstan? Ronstan Tensile Architecture creates systems and solutions that stand up to the test of time. In all its projects, Ronstan strives to deliver excellence of the highest quality. This is because we employ and cultivate the best, likeminded people, who embody this excellence every day in their work.

Many of our lightweight structures, whilst providing essential safety requirements, are eye-catching works of art. Tensile architecture, if designed and delivered appropriately, can provide lightweight aesthetically pleasing solutions to the end users. It can be both elegant and robust whilst being more sustainable than traditional techniques using less materials made from recyclable products.

Favorite Project? Although several projects spring to mind, one that stands out is the Bolte Bridge safety barrier. This was the first true interdepartmental project that we have undertaken since my joining the company in 2016. There were many moving parts, we were working to very strict timeframes, using external resources as well as Ronstan personnel from all departments. But even with these new challenges, we succeeded. Watching the last panels leave the factory for the job site on time meant the world to me. The client’s team were strong individuals who demanded only the best, but they were taken aback by what we all achieved. It was a near perfect example of “Team Ronstan”.

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