Fit for a playground

A fun new take on shade structures


Ronstan Tensile Architecture played a key role in bringing the Wellington Square Playground to life; designing and constructing the tensile components which suspend the colourful shade structure hanging above the playground. Also known as Koolangka Koolangka Waabiny, or Children’s Playground in Whadjuk Nyoongar, the new playground pays homage to the local culture and flora. The colourful discs suspended above the playground were styled with an Aboriginal influence and reflect the colours found in Western Australian wildflowers.

Ronstan specified wide aperture Carl Stahl™ X-Tend™ CXE Mesh to suspend the custom aluminium and Perspex® acrylic discs, supported by Ronstan ACS2 Stainless Steel cables. These cables are Grade 316 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance and aesthetics, also featuring a turnbuckle on one end for maximum adjustability. Ronstan also developed and manufactured multiple custom connections which can be found throughout the assembly. The connections of the discs to cables, cables to tensile mesh, and cables to masts were all purpose-built and designed for this specific project. 

The Wellington Park Playground is the latest in a long line of projects that Ronstan Tensile Architecture has completed. To see more projects from one of the global leaders in tensile architecture check out our Projects Overview, or reach out and contact us directly to learn how RTA can assist your next project.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture