X-LED lighting solution for Mesh Facades

X-LED Creates opportunities for branding and individuality on the largest of canvasses. Turn highly transparent tensile mesh facades into screens and platforms for creative expression!

Individually controllable LED dots, combined with a specially developed five-core ribbon cable, are applied at nodes of stainless steel wire mesh, tensioned between borders of cables or steel frames. They form an arbitrarily large illuminated image area for two or three-dimensional multimedia presentations. Integrated processors in each light module ensure the necessary flexibility for dynamic image transitions and colour uniformity. Standardized interfaces, images, animations and videos are transmitted directly to the system. Special software allows real-time video rendering and the programming of interactive, creative lighting designs. X-LED is a powerful and complete system consisting of LED dots, structural support system and control system with the thoughtful combination of high-quality components.

X-LED illumination system on X-TEND stainless steel tensile mesh

Endless Possibilities

Thanks to the connection of the LED modules with the flexible X-TEND stainless steel tensile wire rope mesh, a virtually limitless amount of forms and installations are possible – also in the three-dimensional space.

From the illumination of historic buildings and modern architecture, to eye catching event videos or extraordinary marketing possibilities; every imaginable façade illumination can be realised with X-LED.

In combination with the lightweight mesh support structure and its ability to form anticlastic three-dimensional forms, there are few limits to your creative vision. Expert in the design, installation and integration of tensioned mesh structures onto new or existing buildings, Ronstan Tensile Architecture can provide the perfect, transparent and yet structurally sound platform, to support and realize your lighting concepts using standard or bespoke solutions.

X-LED can turn the largest of canvasses into a screen

Turn Your Façade Into a Screen

X-Led provides media facades with an unparalleled flexibility – from text over images and static advertisements to branding and full videos, almost everything can be shown on the façade. In contrast to classical screens or banners of textile and other materials, the view from within the building can be maintained almost uninterupted due to the high transparency of the mesh. Where it needs to the mesh structure supporting the illumination system can also serve as a compliant fall protection barrier.

If you would like us to make a presentation at your office or if we can help you develop your concept further, please contact us to discuss your project.

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