Zoo Enclosure Barrier Cables

Cables introduce both simplicity and complexity to a project. The simple, clean and open aesthetic masks design complexities that, if not considered, can negatively influence the integrity and longevity of a project.  Ronstan are leaders in the field and have been manufacturing corrosion resistant cables and components for more than 50 years. This knowledge and experience, and our passion for the science and detailing of tensile cable structures, will be at your disposal to ensure the successful completion of the project. 

Providing barriers for Zoo enclosures brings with it a number of unique challenges when compared to other barriers. Zoo barrier cables by Ronstan are up to the job. 

“Our experience working with Ronstan Tensile Architecture over the past twenty years has been excellent, supplying us with quality structural cable systems that serve the special needs of the Zoological Park. They have consistently provided professional support in selecting the proper assemblies along with the correct material of construction, that satisfy the structural requirements and are also sensitive to the health and wellbeing of the animals.”

Marc M. Muller, Resident Engineer – National Zoological Park, Washington D. C. 

Strength with Minimum Visual Impact. The ultimate goal of zoo barriers is to achieve maximum interaction, while maintaining separation and safety. Given the strength and size of some animals, this can provide a challenge for some barrier materials. Structural cable systems from Ronstan is perfectly matched to this goal. Ronstan cables have been used to provide high strength support and minimal visual impact to Zoo structures around the globe, including barriers and enclosures. 

Low Maintenance. Ronstan cables and end fittings are manufactured from corrosion resistant grade 316 stainless steel, with marine grade components. Materials and finishing techniques have been specifically selected for their long-term corrosion performance. 

Cables are manufactured in a way that results in a smooth finish on the cable surface. This helps to further improve corrosion protection. It has the added benefit of being smooth to touch, making it more user friendly, and reducing the risk of injury to animals, staff, and zoo visitors from pinching or frayed wires. 

End fittings with articulation. Ronstan’s range of Structural Cable Systems can be matched to suit the requirements of the mounting points. Animal enclosures commonly use an articulating jaw fitting mounted onto a metal tab on the poles. This arrangement allows the end of the cable to rotate both vertically and horizontally, avoiding internal stresses which can compromise the strength and longevity of the cable system.

Isolation between dissimilar metals. If not properly considered, the superior corrosion performance of stainless-steel cables can adversely affect the corrosion performance of surrounding components. Ronstan are experts in the field can provide components and advice to help ensure the long-term corrosion performance of the entire system. 

Ronstan cables can be manufactured to defined loads, and take into account factors effecting lengths like cable creep, temperature, the application of cable clamps and elastic elongation. These are all variances that are rarely fully understood and accounted for by other non-specialist contractors, but are critical to meet the fine tolerances required for a successful tensile outcome.  Our cables are assembled locally.

The experienced and helpful team at Ronstan are ready to support with turning your Zoo barrier ideas into reality. 

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