ACS1-SSM06 316 Stainless Steel Cable

PRODUCT Cable Ø Cable Construction C. B. L.* C. B. L.* C. B. L.*
No. in. kN kg lb.
0.236 1×19 26.7 2,720 5,997


Cable length between fittings must be minimum 50 times cable diameter (Ø) for 1×19 construction.

* C. B. L. Characteristic Breaking Load, includes the typical 10% reduction in cable strength due to swaging.



Compact Adjusters

Cable Ø Thread A B CMax C Min D E B. L. Weight
in. in. in. in. in. in. in. lb. oz.
0.236 3/8″ UNF 0.394 0.52 7.756 6.181 0.709 0.37  – 9.5


Ronstan Tensile Architecture