ACS2-SSM19 Stainless Steel Cable

PRODUCT Cable Ø TurnbuckleType Cable Construction C. B. L.* C. B. L.* C. B. L.*
No. in.     kN kg lb.
0.748 Type 10 1 x 19 268.1 21,610 47,660


*C. B. L. = Characteristic Breaking Load; includes the typical 10% reduction in cable strength due to swaging


NOTE: Imperial Cables are available ex. North America only – Contact our North American office for full details.


Cable length between fittings must be minimum 50 times cable diameter (Ø) for 1×19 construction.



Swage Toggles, Metric Wire

Cable Ø A B C D E F Weight
in. in. in. in. in. in. in. oz.
0.748 1.437 1.673 7.012 15.268 2.917 1.248 164.871

Turnbuckles, Premium Closed Body, Toggle & Swage, Metric Wire, Type 10

Cable Ø Thread A B CMax C Min D E B. L. Weight
in.   in. in. in. in. in. in. lb. oz.
0.748 1 1/4″ UNF 1.496 1.692 34.134 27.047 2.520 1.260 346.290

Ronstan Tensile Architecture