System No Orientation VS S Suitable for
    in. in. plant type
AGS1H-200 Horizontal 7 7/8 3 5/32 Slow Growing Scramblers
AGS1H-400 Horizontal 15 3/4 3 5/32 Slow Growing Scramblers
AGS1H-600 Horizontal 23 5/8 4 23/32 Slow Growing Scramblers
AGS1H-CUST Horizontal Custom Custom

Simple and straight is the theme with our Single Cable Trellis systems. Cables are oriented in a horisontal arrangement and spaced to suit overall look and/or plant type selected. Single Cable Trellis systems are a great way to draw vines ‘across’ a horisontal space style trellises. Stylish cable fittings and well resolved off stands make the AGS1H the perfect solution for applying a straight line cable trellis to any new or existing wall. Horisontal cable trellis systems have a cable layout ideal for promoting broad plant growth across the complete width of a facade.

The Ronstan AGS1h horisontal cable trellis system provides essential structure for scrambling plants such as bougainvillea or climbing roses.

The system utilises grade 316 stainless steel wall mounts with backing plates to hold Ronstan 4mm stainless steel cable assemblies. All cables have threaded ends for tensioning.

AGS1H systems consists of ABS1-19M04 0.157in. dia cables with 7×7 construction. Affixes to stainless steel offstands TYP 80, 120 or 160mm long depending on System No selected. Cable spacing to 7 7/8in., 15 3/4in., 23 5/8in. or 31 1/2in. depending on System No selected. Max spacing for intermediate offstands (along cable) is 4.9ft. Offstands use M8 threaded fixing 100mm long, typically chemset to wall. Please refer to the component overview for alternate fixings to suit non-concrete wall types.

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For large spans or plant loads a heavy duty end stand is required. Horizontal systems can sag under plant weight and consideration should always be given to how accessible and climbable your installation is. End stands can be replaced by posts/frames/support as required. Climber studs can be added as an option to help assist with plant climbing (I924-0400).


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