Catenary Details – Standard Connections

Like all tensile structures catenary lighting structures and cable nets resist deflection and hold to the required geometry; the result of careful analysis and consideration of loads and wind. In short, pre-stress or tension in the cable is required to minimise cable sag.

All components and connections within the system must be designed to accommodate these loads, which ultimately must be transferred to the building face via a cleat or other connection, and resolved deep in the building structure.

Ronstan provides a wide range of standard and non-standard connections and brackets to adequately service these loads. All utilise corrosion resistant materials to ensure the long-term integrity of the structure. Careful consideration is given to galvanic corrosion, and isolation is used widely.

An important rule is that cleats and components need to be aligned or carry loads in the direct line of action of the cable. The cable geometry must define the cleat angles.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture