EASY GREEN™: The Simple DIY Cable Trellis Solution

Easy Green™ is a smart cable trellis system from Ronstan Tensile Architecture that can be used to create eye-catching green garden walls or trellises with ease and simplicity every single time.

Vertical climbing plants need a base structure to encourage the growth required for attractive green facades and trellises.  For years, gardeners and landscapers have cobbled together timber lattice, clothes line wire, nails and other household or hardware items to support their climbing plants. These combinations are often ineffective, difficult to install and can be unsightly for long periods while plants grow.

The Ronstan Easy Green™ cable trellis system utilises components that are purpose-designed for ease of trellis installation onto timber, masonry or concrete. Based around a unique composite wall mount and 4mm diameter stainless-steel cable, Easy Green™ can be installed at home without need for professional riggers and can realise a wide variety of trellis or espalier patterns to form an attractive feature aesthetic right from installation. Wall mounts have a unique clamp top that holds the trellis at a distance from the wall, allowing the plant space to grow with good airflow.

Easy Green™, alongside Ronstan’s other specialist cable trellis systems, is detailed in the Ronstan Cable Trellis Catalogue, which will sit well on any coffee table and is packed full of inspirational green sculptures, walls and arbour ideas in addition to technical advice.

Ronstan provides a “total solution” in landscape trellis systems with cables, meshes and components designed to work together to provide optimal growth structures for climbing plants. Structures are engineered to specific criteria and every detail is examined. Ronstan don’t shy from complicated projects and do their utmost to realise every client’s dream.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture