“Forgotten Songs” Angel Place Catenary Art Installation

Forgotten Songs” commemorates the sounds of birds no longer found within the city. Some of the bird cages contain speakers and play back the sounds of song birds during the day with nocturnal birds taking over at dusk.

The design intent for the installation was to create a calming space within this out of the way part of the city. The hand-made quality of some of the cages and the way the cages hang and move in the breeze gives a poignant feeling. Designed originally as temporary artwork, when it came time to de-install, feedback received by the City of Sydney encouraged them to make the artwork a permanent feature of the area. Ronstan structural cables allowed for a permanent catenary net to be installed, suspending the artwork with their proven high grade stainless steel and specific load rated turnbuckles and fittings.

Michael Thomas Hill, Lightwell

Architect: Artist/Designer: Lightwell

Product:  ACS2-SS-M

Installation: Pacific Rigging

Client/Owner: City of Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia

Completion Date: 2011

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