ACS2-SS Stainless Steel Metric Cables  

Jaw Turnbuckle – Jaw


PRODUCTCable ØTurnbuckleTypeCable ConstructionC. B. L.*C. B. L.*C. B. L.*  kNkglb.
3.0Type 101 x 196.76841,508
4.0Type 101 x 1911.91,2152,677
5.0Type 101 x 1918.51,8904,167
6.0Type 101 x 1926.72,7205,997
7.0Type 101 x 1936.53,7208,201
8.0Type 101 x 1947.54,84010,670
10.0Type 101 x 1974.47,58016,711
12.0Type 101 x 19107.110,92024,074
14.0Type 101 x 19148.514,86032,761
16.0Type 101 x 19189.919,36042,681
19.0Type 101 x 19268.127,33060,252
22.0Type 101 x 19359.936,69080,888
26.0Type 101 x 19502.251,190112,855
28.6Type 31 x 61578.058,970129,870
32.1Type 31 x 91730.074,480164,020
36.6Type 31 x 91945.096,420212,330


*C. B. L. = Characteristic Breaking Load; includes the typical 10% reduction in cable strength due to swaging

NOTE: Imperial Cables are available ex. North America only – Contact our North American office for full details.

  • 28.6mm – 36.6mm (1.126in. – 1.441in.) cables have non-articulating (fixed) jaw end fittings.
  • Cable length between fittings must be minimum 50 times cable diameter (Ø) for 1×19 construction.
  • Cable length between fittings must be minimum 70 times cable diameter (Ø) for 1×61 and 1×91 construction.


If we sought a cable product to reflect function, purpose and longevity, ACS2 would have to be it. Resplendent in stainless steel or galfan coated carbon steel, this cable is tried and true. The carefully selected corrosion resistant materials reflect experience that has seen our products valued for their integrity and performance in the harshest of marine and architectural conditions.

And with two styles of end fittings tailored to the diameters they service, you need only specify the corrosion protection (stainless or Galfan), and select a diameter to know that your cable will perform to its design capabilities well into the future.


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