Sculpture Garden Catenary Lighting at the Hall Arts Center

Ronstan Tensile Architecture partnered with Architectural Lighting Alliance to complete a catenary lighting installation above the sculpture walk and garden at the Hall Arts Center located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District in Dallas, Texas. The lighting for this public space, which was designed by Scott Oldner Lighting Design, LLC, was important and significant to the purpose of the space. The lighting needed to fit the artistic nature of the sculpture walk, to create an open, welcome and available green space for the public, while enhancing the experience of walking through the sculptures. The lighting was as intentional and purposefully designed as any of the other well-known works of art displayed in the garden.

Ronstan Tensile Architecture provided computer modeling and structural design of the cables. Calculated loads were provided in the form of a detailed reaction report, and these were used by the base building structural engineer to design support poles and wall mounted brackets. The 5/16″ diameter stainless steel 1 x 19 cable assemblies supplied by Ronstan were our ACS2-SS-10.

For more information on this project or any catenary lighting questions, please contact us. Photos provided by Ronstan Tensile Architecture.

Information about the collections in the Hall Arts Sculpture collection is available here.

Architect: HKS, Inc.

Product:  ACS2-SS-M

General Constructor/Bulder: Architectural Lighting Alliance

Client/Owner: Hall Financial Group

Location: Dallas, TX

Completion Date: 2015

© 2015 Ronstan Tensile Architecture

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